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Improbable Island..LOOK NOW!!

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Improbable Island is a text based browser game that I have played for more than 3 years now, and it rocks. Seriously, it rocks. CMJ...that's the main man in charge of making the crazy happen... is forever thinkng up new stuff to liven up the whole thing (and fixing stuff too). You have the choice of fighting monsters using the combat system and running about to various places on quests, or having independent RP with other players, or whatever combination of both makes ya giggle. If you get bored there, hey, it's your own dumb fault. Just sayin.

The comic is based off the game, and my character FROM the game. Most of what goes on in the comic is from actual happenings in RP or the quests and places set up by CMJ. (Did I mention that he really is a cool dude?) Some artistic "additions" have been added, mostly from my sleep deprived mind, to make the story more fluid, but HONESTLY...99.9% of the crazy happened in RP or from CMJ's quests. Did I mention that he's a cool dude?

Anyhow, go check out the game and have some fun with it. You might even meet somene there that you see HERE.

That would be freeky now, wouldnt it?